What are "REQSTOR", "PROGRAM" and "RB" parameters in a GSO SAFDEF record used for?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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The ACF2 GSO SAFDEF records defines the SAF environment and how you want CA-ACF2 for z/OS to process a SAF call.

The "REQSTOR", "PROGRAM" and "RB" parameters are ACF2 GSO SAFDEF parameters that are used to identify a RACROUTE external security call.



These "REQSTOR", "PROGRAM" and "RB" fields are defined as follows:

  • REQSTOR is from the IBM RACROUTE parameter list that contains an address pointing to the name of the piece of code that is making the RACROUTE request.

  • PROGRAM is the program name of the current program request block (PRB) making the SAF request. If no PRB exists on the active RB chain when the event occurs, the name for PROGRAM is the same as the name for RB.

  • RB is the name of the request block (RB) where the security event occurs. When an event occurs directly under a PRB it is the same value as PROGRAM. When an event occurs under a supervisor call request block, it is the RB name as SVCnnn, where nnn is the decimal SVC number.

These fields are used in SAFDEF records to identify the environment of a specific RACROUTE request and thereby enable you to request different processing dependent on the value of these fields.