What are DMSTMP Catalog Entries and How to Remove Them?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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What are DMSTMP Catalog Entries and How to Remove Them?


CA Disk needs a volser before OPEN so it uses DMSTMP until a real volume is allocated. 
If the Disk job abends before a volume is assigned, then a catalog entry of DMSTMP is left behind.
If CA Disk fills a tape and then requests a new tape but then discovers there is nothing left to archive, then a DMSTMP catalog entry can remain.
CA Disk does not have any knowledge of these catalog entries so there is nothing that needs to be cleaned up in CA Disk.
To get rid of the DMSTMP catalog entries, they can simply be uncatalog / deleted.  There is no possibility of any data loss.
No CA Disk utilities are available to automatically uncatalog the entries.

Additional Information:

Some references to DMSTMP can be found in this manual:

CA Disk Backup and Restore, Systems Guide, r12.5 Second Edition, pg 179, in description of Sysparm ARCTNAME.

If your security system protects tape volumes and you want to specify options C or G for sysparm ARCTNAME,
you must also ensure that all users running backup or archive jobs have access to tape volume DMSTMP.

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