What are all the logs/rdr files you receive from VMIMAGE?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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There are various rdr files that are produced while running the VMIMAGE BACKUP and SYSTEM steps.


When you run the VMIMAGE BACKUP step:

  • SM file with the information for minidisks backed up and tapes used.

  • LG file... depending on what you have your USERCLASS set as, you will receive the same normal messages you do in a backup job.

  • Checkpoint files if the system has to restart during the backup of the user volumes.

When you run the VMIMAGE SYSTEM step:

  • SM file again with the information on what minidisks were backed up and also catalog display commands which really don't provide any information that is usable.

  • LG file which has the typical messages you normally get in a backup job. The CATALOG REPORT commands displays the information from the catalog on what was backed up in both the BACKUP and SYSTEM step. This is useful information to keep if you don't have the SM files for the two backups. The information is more clear in the SM file.

  • SYSTEM SYBLOG file gives you the commands that were used to create the VMIMAGE RESTCMDS and the command to copy that file along with the Duplicate of the 201 disk of HiDRO to VMIMAGE 191 disk. This process is run before the actual backup that produced the SYSTEM step SM and LG files.

  • Checkpoint files if the system has to restart during the backup of the system volumes.