What ACF2 GSO SAFDEF fields can be used to identify RACROUTE FASTAUTH processing?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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The ACF2 GSO SAFDEF records defines the SAF environment and how you want CA-ACF2 for z/OS to process a SAF call.

The ACF2 GSO SAFDEFs are loaded into storage in a specific sequence from the ACF2 INFOSTG database during ACF2 initialization and when the GSO SAFDEF records are refreshed.

When a SAF call is processed, ACF2 will search for a SAFDEF that best matches the RACROUTE parameter list. Due to the fastpath nature of RACROUTE FASTAUTH calls only a few specific GSO SAFDEF fields are used for this processing.


When processing a SAF RACROUTE REQUEST=FASTAUTH request, CA-ACF2 will recognize only the following fields of SAFDEF records in determining whether to process or ignore the request:


Other fields such as JOBNAME, PROGRAM, RB and ENTITY will be ignored.