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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Configuring Websphere (WAS) for certain PMI metrics - Thread Pool.



There are certain WAS (Websphere) PMI metrics that require additional configuration on the WAS application server file pmi-config.xml to report in the Introscope Workstation. This includes some Thread Pool metrics such as DeclaredThreadHungCount.

First check that PMI (Performance Monitoring Infrastructure) is enabled on the Agent side profile and in the WAS Administration - Monitoring and Tuning > Performance Monitoring Infrastructure (PMI) menu.

Then, locate the pmi-config.xml file and find the specific modules needing to be enabled for metrics to report:

example: <pmimodules xmi:id="PMIModule_119" moduleName="threadPoolModule" type="threadPoolModule" enable="3,4,5,6"/>


The above example enables activeThreads, poolSize, percentMaxed, and declaredThreadHung metrics. The respective integer IDs are from IBM documentation.


<CountStatistic name="threadPoolModule.threadCreates" ID="1">
<CountStatistic name="threadPoolModule.threadDestroys" ID="2">
<BoundedRangeStatistic name="threadPoolModule.activeThreads" ID="3">
<BoundedRangeStatistic name="threadPoolModule.poolSize" ID="4">
<BoundedRangeStatistic name="threadPoolModule.percentMaxed" ID="5">
<CountStatistic name="threadPoolModule.declaredThreadHung" ID="6">
<CountStatistic name="threadPoolModule.declaredThreadHangCleared" ID="7">
<RangeStatistic name="threadPoolModule.concurrentlyHungThreads" ID="8">
<TimeStatistic name="threadPoolModule.activeTime" ID="9">


Further information on enabling certain modules and their respective IDs can be found at the IBM link below.

List of modules (http://www-01.ibm.com/support/docview.wss?uid=swg21221308)