Login Web Service method returning SID of 1005

Document ID : KB000093574
Last Modified Date : 02/05/2018
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After upgrading/migrating SDM, the Login Web Service method returns an SID of 1005, which is not a valid SID, it's an error code. 

Steps to reproduce using SOAP UI:

1) Note that the axis page and WSDL page are accessible. The below URL can be used to get to the WSDL:


2) Start a new SOAP project in SoapUI. (File -> New SOAP Project)

3) In the Initial WSDL field, paste the WSDL URL from above and check off the "Create Requests" box and click OK.

4) Scroll down and find the "login" method and right click it and select "New Request". Specify a name and click OK.

5) Fill in Service Desk user name and password in the SOAP envelope, replacing the "?"s, then click on the Green arrow in the top left corner to submit the request.

6) A 9 digit session ID should be returned, but instead "1005" is returned.
SDM 12.9, 14.1, 17.1
There are a couple potential causes for this issue:

1) One cause is that there may not be any SOAP Web Services Policies defined. The default policy may have been inactivated or deleted. You can check this in Administration -> SOAP Web Services Policy -> Policies. If you do not see any active policies then first filter for inactive records to see if the policy was inactivated. If you still cannot find it then you just have to create a new Default policy then recycle services for changes to take effect. 

2) Another possibility here is that NX_WEBSERVICE_DOMSRVR in the NX.env file is pointing to a domsrvr that does not exist or one that is just not configured. Removing this value and recycling services should correct the issue.