We were using 3592E tape drives on Dynam T r7.0 with density 08E. After upgrading to r7.1, we get CADT002I *NON-COMPAT* or messages.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Some datasets were defined with DENSITY=08E and with 7.0 Dynam T these datasets were written successfully to 3592E tape drives as density=08E. After upgrading to 7.1 however, tapes are read in, but output to a scratch gets CADT002I *NON-COMPAT*.


The existing density may not be recognized on release 7.1 if the DYNAM catalog, CAICATL, was reorganized when upgraded from r7.0 to r7.1. Such a REORG, with the DYNCAT utility, or if the DTOPTION MTCHMOD is set to YES.

Four new density specifications can be used to specify that a CA Dynam/T controlled dataset should be written to a 3592E tape device. The four new densities are: 00WE, 08WE, 20WE, and 28WE. The new density values can be specified either when defining or altering a dataset using DYNCAT, or on the TLBL at JCL time.

Note as well, that if encryption support is available, IBM has added four new modes to indicate a file should be encrypted when written to tape. Accordingly four new densities have been added to Dynam which, when specified, indicate that a particular dataset should be encrypted when written to tape. The four new Dynam/T densities to indicate tape encryption are 03WE, 0BWE, 23WE and 2BWE.

Note that IBM maintenance may affect how devices are recognized by z/VSE.