We need to download and apply a PTF from CA which is a module replacement. Can we FTP this to VSE?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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CA may supply PTFs which replace existing code in the form of module replacements. These PTFs are downloaded from support.ca.com as part of a solution cart in the same way as any other PTF. However once they are placed on a PC and unzipped, they must be transferred to the VSE mainframe as a binary file. How can this be done?


Download the solution cart to your PC.

 UNZIP the file to your PC  
 FTP to your VSE and enter userid + password 
 CD IJQFILE                                                              
 CD RDR                                                                  
 CD H              where 'H' is a non power started class                
 BI                tells ftp not to do conversion                        
 PUT RO03057.BIN RO03057 RECF F LRECL 80  

The file should now be in the RDR queue in class H.

Note that the transfer must be done with ASCII/EBCDIC translation off and CRLF (control file characters) off.