CA Content Viewer 14.0 Installation

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Last Modified Date : 12/03/2019
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CA View 14.0 streamlines the installation of CA View, CA Deliver, CA OM Content Viewer (Web Viewer), and CA DRAS by including these products in a single pax file. You can install each product or any combination of them, with fewer steps and in less time than in previous releases.  You may also use CSM.  

CA Content Viewer (OM Web Viewer) r14 will eventually replace Web Viewer 12.1, Document Viewer 2.1 and Web Viewer 11.5

 The CA View installation now includes FMID CCAFE00 for installing Content Viewer (CA OM Web Viewer Release) 14.0. This FMID establishes the required SMP and USS environments. Additional PTF's are available now.  Scroll down to see.

Note: This FMID is a prerequisite for CA OM Web Viewer 14.0. If you plan to install CA OM Web Viewer 14.0, install this FMID when you install the CA View 14.0 PAX file. Otherwise, you must re-install the PAX file and must include this FMID before you can apply the CA OM Web Viewer 14.0 PTFs.

Installation of CA OM Web Viewer includes a zFS file that is mounted to your USS file system. The installer must have the proper authorities to create and update USS directories, and issue the USS mount command. 

NOTE: As Content Viewer r14 is running with Tomcat on z/OS it’s using Java supplied by IBM as part of z/OS. 
Additional NOTE: CA DRAS is included for compatibility with CA Output Management Web Viewer 12.1 and is not used with Content Viewer.


How to complete the Install of Content Viewer 14.0

INC01 delivers the first increment of the new Content Viewer

Mainframe Team Center – Content Viewer

 INC01 is the first release of Mainframe Team Center – Content Viewer (CA OM Web Viewer) as a component of CA View. This component lets end users access CA View reports from a modern web browser. Administrators can customize the databases and reports that end users can access. INC01 provides a base level of functionality for administrators and end users. PTF's provide additional functionality.

If you want to install and use the Content Viewer, here is a list of what you need to do:

Install the following CA View 14.0 INC01 PTFs. 

  • R095789 - for CA View
  • R095790 - for CA Deliver (if applicable)
  • R095791 - for the shared EBC component, which both CA View and CA Deliver require

  • R095520 - for CA DRAS (if applicable)
  • R095792 - for CA DRAS agent code for CA View (if applicable)

    Note: Install PTFs RO95520 and RO95792 if you installed CA DRAS in INC00. In this case, these PTFs are required for compatibility reasons, even if you do not plan to use CA DRAS any longer.
  • R095796 - for Mainframe Team Center – Content Viewer
Also apply the Updates listed in the online documentation: Updates After Incremental Release 1
These are for features added after INC01.  Features are being added frequnetly.
Note: You must also perform the post-installation tasks in Install Mainframe Team Center – Content Viewer.


Additional Information:

Content Viewer 14.0 runs only on the mainframe.  It is an incremental release - it is available to customers and has many features not in previous releases, but it may not yet have all the same functionality as Web Viewer 12.1. The Updates After Incremental Release 1 section in the Release Notes in the online documentation lists the new features that have been added. The manual is up to date.  Please open a case with technical support if you have questions what features are available.

This incremental release is fully supported by CA Technical Support.

Verify that Content Viewer has the functionality that you need and if not, stay with or install Web Viewer 12.1. Web Viewer 12.1 is compatible with View and DRAS 14.0.  Both Content Viewer and Web Viewer 12.1 may be run simultaneously.

You may also review the online documentation for Mainframe Team Center – Content Viewer - 14.0 to see what features are available.