We currently have 48 VSE Servers running at all times, I need to know how to break these into 5 logical groups (by location).

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Use the VirtualServiceEnvironment command to manage the VSE application. The executable is located in the [LISA_HOME]\bin directory.


This is used mostly with VSE servers and not Services, this will work for Services on Windows, but not Services running Linux.

DevTest 9.1.0 on Windows and Linux

On Windows configuring a VSEs running as a Service:

1. Decide what labname you want each set of VSEs to go in. 

2. Every VSE Service will have to be deleted and then re-added to have a -l labname added to each Service, for example: 

From a command prompt run as Administrator to create a Service: 

sc create "DevTest 9.1.0 VSE1" binPath= "C:\CA\DevTest9.1.0\bin\VirtualServiceEnvironmentService.exe -l Lab2" 

sc create "DevTest 9.1.0 VSE2" binPath= "C:\CA\DevTest9.1.0\bin\VirtualServiceEnvironmentService2.exe -l Lab2" 

sc create "DevTest 9.1.0 VSE3" binPath= "C:\CA\DevTest9.1.0\bin\VirtualServiceEnvironmentService3.exe -l Lab2" 

sc create "DevTest 9.1.0 VSE4" binPath= "C:\CA\DevTest9.1.0\bin\VirtualServiceEnvironmentService4.exe -l Lab2" 

From the Server Console you will see:


If you ever need to change the name of a Labname, then the VSE service will have to be updated to reflect that name. 

So If I wanted to change Lab2 to Lab3 on all the above VSEs, I would first do this: 

Run as Administrator to delete a Service: 

sc delete "DevTest 9.1.0 VSE1" 

sc delete "DevTest 9.1.0 VSE2" 

sc delete "DevTest 9.1.0 VSE3" 

sc delete "DevTest 9.1.0 VSE4" 


Then do: 

sc create "DevTest 9.1.0 VSE1" binPath= "C:\CA\DevTest9.1.0\bin\VirtualServiceEnvironmentService.exe -l Lab3" 

sc create "DevTest 9.1.0 VSE2" binPath= "C:\CA\DevTest9.1.0\bin\VirtualServiceEnvironmentService2.exe -l Lab3" 

sc create "DevTest 9.1.0 VSE3" binPath= "C:\CA\DevTest9.1.0\bin\VirtualServiceEnvironmentService3.exe -l Lab3" 

sc create "DevTest 9.1.0 VSE4" binPath= "C:\CA\DevTest9.1.0\bin\VirtualServiceEnvironmentService4.exe -l Lab3" 

You will have to Restart the Registry to pick up the new name. 


On Windows for Servers, just start your server with this in the command line:

VirtualServiceEnvironment.exe -l Lab2

VirtualServiceEnvironment2.exe -l Lab2

VirtualServiceEnvironment3.exe -l Lab2

VirtualServiceEnvironment4.exe -l Lab2


On Linux this is not applicable for Services, only for Servers:

 VirtualServiceEnvironment -l Lab2

VirtualServiceEnvironment2 -l Lab2

VirtualServiceEnvironment3 -l Lab2

VirtualServiceEnvironment4 -l Lab2


Additional Information:

The information to know what to add on the VSE line from this documentation link: 



NOTE:  Do not confuse this with Available Labs from the Server Console.