We cannot see log entries in the qos_processor.log to understand if our enrichment.rb script is working or not

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Using the enrichment.rb to enrich QoS data, the messages added with our own added $logger.info statements are not seen in the qos_processor.log.



It is possible to add log statements to the enrichment.rb ruby script to trace what is working or not working.

For more information on using the qos_processor, please see this documentation: Documentation on qos_processor


This Knowledge Base article discusses how to add log messages to a separate log file for debugging.

Please note that Technical Support cannot assist with writing custom scripts.  These steps should help you identify how to fix your custom script.

UIM 8.33, 8.51Linux / WindowsDBMS: MySQL, Oracle, MS SQL

The following instructions detail how to debug an enrichment.rb script in a sandbox environment.  

1- Shorten the duration of the Monitor Enrichment Execution Interval to "1"

     Open Raw Configure for the "qos_processor" probe (hold down the CTRL key and right click the qos_processor probe to select "Raw Configure" from the right click context menu).

     Change the key under "setup" > monitor-enrichment-execution-interval to "1".

2- Modify your custom enrichment.rb script under: "/opt/nimsoft/probes/slm/qos_processor/scripts".

    Add or confirm  these entries at the top of the file:

     require 'java'

     require 'logger'

#  An extra log just for this script so that it is easier to debug

log = Logger.new('/opt/nimsoft/probes/slm/qos_processor/scripts/qosextra-log.txt',4,1024000)

log.level = Logger::INFO

#  log.level = Logger::INFO - set this to INFO for increased logging - default WARN

3- Add log.info statements to the appropriate sections to understand where the script is breaking.

    For example: 

if File.exist? "/opt/nimsoft/probes/slm/qos_processor/lib/mysql-connector-java-5.1.35.jar"

     log.info("Driver jar file exists !")



     require "/opt/nimsoft/probes/slm/qos_processor/lib/mysql-connector-java-5.1.35.jar"




    log.info("No jar file found ! Make sure you have /opt/nimsoft/probes/slm/qos_processor/lib/mysql-connector-java-5.1.35.jar file.")


and in the database connection section:





        url = driver+dbserver+"/"+db

        java.lang.Class.forName(driverClass, true, java.lang.Thread.currentThread.getContextClassLoader)

        log.info("About to connect...")

        con = java.sql.DriverManager.getConnection(url,user,passwd);

         if con


            log.info("Connection good to "+dbserver)


            log.info("Connection failed")


         b = con.create_statement




log.info("Probe: "+$monitor.probe+" Old Origin: "+$monitor.origin) #value=rs.getObject(1)#use this if date format is needed value=rs.getString("customer"); $monitor.origin=value

log.info("Probe: "+$monitor.probe+" New Origin: "+$monitor.origin)






4- Save the script.  The qos_processor will pick up the changes automatically.

5- Test the script from the "/opt/nimsoft/probes/slm/qos_processor/test/" folder:

/opt/nimsoft/jre/jre8u102/bin/java -jar /opt/nimsoft/probes/slm/qos_processor/lib/JRubyScriptRunner-8.4.0.jar ../scripts/enrichment.rb

Validate you do not receive any scripting or parsing errors.

6- Wait 5-10 minutes and check the "/opt/nimsoft/probes/slm/qos_processor/scripts/qosextra-log.txt" log file.

    Sample log entry:

less /opt/nimsoft/probes/slm/qos_processor/scripts/qosextra-log.txt

I, [2017-12-04T15:15:35.281000 #27186]  INFO -- : **************Script Run**************** 

I, [2017-12-04T15:15:35.282000 #27186]  INFO -- : Driver jar file exists !

I, [2017-12-04T15:15:35.283000 #27186]  INFO -- : About to connect...

I, [2017-12-04T15:15:35.316000 #27186]  INFO -- : Connection good to .... < jdbc url > ...

I, [2017-12-04T15:15:35.317000 #27186]  INFO -- : Probe: net_connect Old Origin: nimsoft_lab_com_hub 

I, [2017-12-04T15:15:35.318000 #27186]  INFO -- : Probe: net_connect New Origin: Devices 

I, [2017-12-04T15:15:35.322000 #27186]  INFO -- : **************Script Run**************** 

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