We are seeing CA Mainframe Application Tuner TN0894W messages in our CICS regions from time to time. What do they mean?

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Last Modified Date : 21/08/2018
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You are noticing messages like this in your CICS LOG from time to time:

 14.02.55 STC13791 +TN0894W Field=pggcl accumulation over maximum value.
 14.03.01 STC13791 +TN0894W Field=pgpcl accumulation over maximum value.
The description of the message from the Message Guide is:
Field=aaaaa accumulation over maximum value. TRAN=bbbb
This message indicates that an internal counter aaaaa is greater than or equal to X'FFFFFFFF' for transaction bbbb.
This situation can occur when a CICS transaction is run very frequently without being monitored by CA Mainframe Application Tuner.
Action:  None.
Origin:  TCnnCMPX
When CICS statistics are enabled CA Mainframe Application Tuner (CA MAT) collects most of the stats available for a transaction.  The internal counters are running counters.  In the case of these two messages CA MAT is counting channel gets and puts for transaction PPE1.
The message is indicating that CA MAT has exceeded the maximum number of occurrences that CA MAT can accumulate.
There is no harm here, CA MAT knows it has max'd the counter and the message is just a warning.  CA MAT won't overflow, or cause any problems.  The message is issued so users will know that if they start collecting stats about the transaction in question, the stats won't be accurate that CA MAT puts into the monitor file and the report will not be accurate because of the overflow.
How are these messages resolved?
Do you only request data for specific transactions using the CICS option in monitor definition?  If yes, you can run an unfiltered monitor so that CA MAT actually reports on PPE1.  Those buckets will get cleared and the message will not be produced.
Can these messages be suppressed?  No, at this time CA MAT can not suppress these messages.
This message is informational.  If you have further questions that are not answered by this knowledge article, please open a case in CA Support Online.