We are preparing for installation, what are the Web Access Requirements?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Your network administrator must configure access to the following websites and FTP sites:

* supportservices.ca.com (using HTTPS Port Number 443)

* ftp.ca.com (using FTP Port Number 21)

* ftpca.ca.com (using FTP Port Number 21) 


* scftpd.ca.com (using FTP Port Number 21)

* ftpdownloads.ca.com (using FTP Port Number 21)

* supportftp.ca.com (using FTP Port Number 21)

* sdownloads.ca.com (using HTTPS Port Number 443)

Note: sdownloads.ca.com is only required if you use the Use HTTPS for Downloads acquisition option under System Settings,  Software Acquisition on the Settings Page. If you authorize the ca.com domain for both ports 80 and 443, you do not need to authorize  sdownloads.ca.com.

In addition, your network administrator must define a Domain Name System (DNS) entry for localhost.

For more information, please see the CA Chorus Software Manager Wiki: 
See Section: "Preparing for Installation".