We are not able to create a resource in a specific partition using XOG.

Document ID : KB000055268
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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We are not able to create a resource in a specific partition using XML Open Gateway (XOG). It works only if we pass NIKU.ROOT as the partition code.

Through the application, you add resources to a specific Partition through Administration, Partition Models, Partition Resource Members.  The application does not allow you to add Partitions to a Resource, either through Administration, Resources nor through Home, Resources. Therefore, the XOG functionality behaves in the same manner. You cannot add multiple Partitions to a Resource using the "rsm_resources_write.xml" XOG file nor the "cmn_users_write.xml" XOG file  ; in this file you can only specify the "NIKU.ROOT" partition when updating or creating new resources or users. 

To add a Resource to a specific Partition using XOG, use the "content_pack_read.xml" file to read out the existing Partition Model. The output of this Partition Model will include all the current Resource Members of each Partition. You can then add more resources to this partition and write the data back into the database. Once you do this, you can check to see that the resources have been added to the Partition Model. 

  1. Login as an administrator user
  2. Navigate to Administration menu, Partition Models
  3. Select the Partition Model
  4. Go to the desired Partition Unit
  5. Click on 'Resources'
  6. You will see the list of Resource Members for the desired Partition