We are creating change orders by email and get the error "AHD04015: Contact record not found for id" and "user not authorized to modify factory (chg)".

Document ID : KB000054730
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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When a user sends and email to Service Desk in order to create a Change Order, they receive the error:

"AHD04015: Contact record not found for id".

The stdlog has these errors:

boplgin            192 ERROR          bplaccess.c
1918 AHD04015: Contact record not found for id (cnt:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx)
spelsrvr 3836 SIGNIFICANT text_api.spl
1730 User (sender email address eg. user@abc.com) not authorized to modify factory (chg)


When creating tickets by email, the sender email address must be unique and belongs to one contact in Service Desk.
Ensure there are no inactive contacts with the same email address.
Ideally, any inactive contacts should have a NULL value for the email address.

For the contact that sent the email to open the ticket, they need to have "Modify" access to that type of ticket (i.e. Request, Change, Issue) on their Access Type.
For example, "userAAA" sends email to open a change order.

To verify the userAAA has the permissions to open a Change Order, perform the steps below:

  1. Logon as Administrator in Service Desk. Search for the appropriate contact, for example: "userAAA".
  2. Find out what access type, "userAAA" belongs to in the contact detail.
  3. On the "Administration" tab, navigate to "Security" > "Access Types".
    Bring up the Access Type detail of the "userAAA" belongs to.
    Verify the Function Access tab and whether it has "Modify" for "Change Orders".

This will address the error "user not authorized to modify factory (chg)".