We are able to set multiple cost plans as Plan of Record on the list view

Document ID : KB000020058
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Users are able to set multiple cost plans to be the Plan of Record on a project if the Plan of Record field is configured to allow editing on the cost plan list page.  This causes problems.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Go to the Financial Plans page of any project
  2. Create several cost plans. Notice only one of them is marked as Plan of Record at any time, as expected
  3. From the cost plan list page click on Configure, click on List Column Section, [Fields], click on Plan of Record (POR)
  4. Check the box for 'Allow Editing', Save and Return
  5. Back on the cost plan list page, click on the Plan of Record column of any cost plan that is currently NOT a plan of record, change the value from 'No' to 'Yes', Save.

Expected Result: An error is thrown, and the cost plan from step 5 is not marked as Plan of Record.
Actual Result: No error is thrown, now the cost plan from step 5, as well as the original plan of record, are both marked as Plan of Record.


Do not use or enable 'Allow Editing' for this field on the list view.
If the there are now multiple POR, use the following steps on the current version or after upgrading to the next release where this issue is resolved for preventing the marking of multiple POR.
1. Perform a XOG read (costPlan_read.xml) to generate output of all the cost plans of a particular investment that has multiple POR. 
2. Correct the XOG output file to have only one Cost Plan marked as the "Plan of Record" (POR).
3. Perform a XOG write action using this updated file.
4. View the list of cost plans on this investment to verify the update was successful.  
CLRT-72446: Targeted for a resolution in the next release.