We are able to pick a Financial OBS unit using auto-suggest when 'Hide Financial OBS' option is enabled

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Last Modified Date : 12/03/2018
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Resource Planning, Workloads Portlet Resource OBS auto-suggest lists Financial OBS units when 'Hide Financial OBS' is enabled.

When using the 'browse' window to select a Resource OBS Unit on the portlet, the window correctly excludes or 'hides' the Financial OB Structures as expected, however if you search for units using the auto-suggest feature, the user will see the units and be able to select them and filter on them. 

NOTE: The scenario below is just one use-case.  This may occur for other 'auto-suggest' lookups related to hiding or displaying Financial OBS.  


Check to ensure there is at least one or more Department OBS or Location OBS associated with the Resource Object for this scenario. For the first few steps, be sure the 'Hide Financial OBS' is NOT enabled.  

Steps to Reproduce:  
1. Login to the application as an Administrator user  
2. Navigate to Home, Resource Planning, Workloads tab  
3. Expand the Filter section 
4. Use the 'browse' for Resource OBS field and see that you can pick a unit for a financial OBS 
5. Use the 'auto-suggest' feature for Resource OBS field and see that you can pick a unit for a financial OBS 
6. Enable 'Hide Financial OBS' option 
   Navigate to Administration, Finance: Processing page 
   Check the OBS Filter option to 'Hide Financial OBS'  
   When checked, Department and Location OBS will not be displayed in certain OBS Browses 
   To make this effective, you may need to restart services 
7. Navigate back to the Resource Planning, Workloads tab and expand the Filter section
8. Repeat Steps #4 to 'browse' and #5 for 'auto-suggest'

Expected Result: When 'Hide Financial OBS' is enabled, you should not be able to pick a financial OBS Unit
Actual Result: The use of 'auto-suggest' allows you to see and pick a financial OBS Unit and it works as expected for filtering actions
PPM 13.3, 14.1, 14.2, 14.3
This is caused by the defect CLRT-79786
The defect was being reviewed by the development team. This issue has a lower number of affected customer and minimum impact on the business. Hence, it was not feasible to fix the problem.