WCC 11.4 SP6 Install Fails on Server With Existing WAAE 11.3.6 SP7

Document ID : KB000095122
Last Modified Date : 08/05/2018
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When attempting to install WCC 11.4 SP6 on a machine where WAAE 11.3.6 SP7 is already installed, the WCC install fails.

The following messages are seen in /tmp/WCC_InstallInfo.log...

SMX000007 Script or command "tmp/install.sh" failed with exit code 1.
Reason:  The script or command encountered a problem.
Action:  Find further details in the installation log file

SilentWaaeSdkFailsAction:: 97 Silent install of WAAE failed. Exiting the install.

In /opt/CA/SharedComponents/installer/log/CA/WorkloadAutomationAE-SDK.install.log, several errors are seen regarding conflicting files that look like this...

file /opt/CA/WorkloadAutomationAE/autosys/bin/as_config from install of ca-waae-common-11.3.6-1589.i386 conflicts with file from package ca-waae-common-11.3.6-1589.i386

WAAE 11.3.6 SP7
WCC 11.4 SP6
The WCC image has WAAE SDK packages that are not in sync with the same packages on the WAAE image. The files themselves are exactly the same. However, the file dates are different. Therefore, when the WCC installer attempts to install those packages on a machine where they have already been installed by the WAAE image, the mismatch of file dates causes a conflict error that aborts the install.
Mount the WCC 11.4 SP6 image and copy contents to a local directory

Mount the WAAE 11.3.6 SP7 image In the local copy of the WCC image, cd to 'Catalog.WCC/uwcc/waae-sdk/Linux/SDK/RPM' Delete the following 4 rpm files...


In the mounted WAAE image, cd to '/mnt/iso/Linux/WorkloadAutomationAE/RPM'

Copy the same 4 packages above from the mounted WAAE image to the local copy of the WCC image under 'Catalog.WCC/uwcc/waae-sdk/Linux/SDK/RPM'

Run the WCC install from the local copy of the image