Way to identify the current version of CA Easytrieve Plus Report Generator on zOS

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Last Modified Date : 27/04/2018
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What is the best way to confirm which release and service pack we are running for the CA Easytrieve product, possibly even release 6.2?
Also, based on the release, where may I find the IVP job for this product?
You can run any of your programs with the debugging parms and see in the listing the actual release and service pack being run for the program. You can add the above debugging parms after the //SYSIN DD statement in any program you currently run. This will tell us for sure at least for that program which release you are running. Any program will be fine.

If you have release 11.6, then you will be able to find our IVP JCL/program in your highlevelqualifier.CBAAJCL(JOB08DEM).
If you have release 6.4, then you will be able to find our IVP JCL/program in your highlevelqualifer.INSTALL.JCL.PDS(JOB7).
If you have release 6.2, then this release has not been supported for many years.
However, I have found archived cases referencing also JOB7: Installation Verification Job.