wasp do not start after 8.5.3 upgrade

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Last Modified Date : 11/10/2018
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I have upgraded UIM to the latest patch 8.5.3 following the UIM Vulnerability Patch 1 instructions. After this the wasp doesn't start any more.

This is observed in the wasp.log, just before wasp going into failure

THU 11 12:18:37:965 INFO [main, com.nimsoft.nimbus.NimProbeBase] Login to NimBUS is OK
THU11 12:18:37:965 INFO [main, com.nimsoft.nimbus.probe.service.wasp.WaspNimProbe] WaspNimProbe login successful.
THU11 12:18:38:168 INFO [main, com.nimsoft.nimbus.probe.service.wasp.Probe] Connection String: QpQtQkuK8OgijbJa5UKKk0RtsfTt24GpVfpMdRc2kOmmVSWvO4TKOwrLy[....]m2FxX4pWbSFQ8sSR1UvC5/4DJ1xWDjOLyG[...[33DtPADXcSA48nMMPEHfqacqM1an2nMg==
THU11 12:18:38:464 DEBUG [main, com.nimsoft.nimbus.lookup.DataEngineLookup] Request to probe "/DOMAIN/HUB/ROBOT/data_engine" callback get_connection_string was successful.
THU11 12:18:39:400 DEBUG [main, com.nimsoft.nimbus.utils.FileUtils] In FileUtils.getFileChecksum
THU11 12:18:39:400 DEBUG [main, com.nimsoft.nimbus.utils.FileUtils] local certificate store FileChecksum - 50a2bdddce718db0073ad606814844e0
Oct 11 12:18:40:165 [1724] Controller: Max. restarts reached for probe 'wasp' (command = <startup java>)

UIM 8.x.x  / 9.x
The reason for this failure can be bad formatting of the .pem file created during the upgrade to 8.5.3 process when copying the .pem file to the different servers.
•  Review the integrity of the .pem file.
•  Open the .pem file in editor in the primary hub where it was created
•  Copy the content and paste it to other servers with editor (notepad++)

Additional Information:
CA20180829-02: Security Notice for CA Unified Infrastructure Management