Warning message while starting postgres 10.7 base

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Last Modified Date : 05/12/2018
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This customer upgrades from APM 10.5.2 to 10.7 which upgrade the Postgres to 9.6

When they start the postrgres database on the server they would see the following warnings:

WARNING --> PERL_INSTALL_PATH is not set in /ca/wilyadm/database/etc/sysconfig/plLanguages.config file
WARNING --> PYTHON_INSTALL_PATH is not set in /ca/wilyadm/database/etc/sysconfig/plLanguages.config file
WARNING --> TCL_INSTALL_PATH is not set in /ca/wilyadm/database/etc/sysconfig/plLanguages.config file
APM 10.7 
Postgres 9.6.2
These message can be ignored and done cause harm to Postgres or APM
Here are the things the customer did to remove the messages:

The warning messages are coming from "/ca/wilyadm/database/etc/sysconfig/loadplLanguages.sh". "/etc/init.d/postgres-9.6" calls "/ca/wilyadm/database/etc/sysconfig/loadplLanguages.sh" which gets the parameters configured in the "/ca/wilyadm/database/etc/sysconfig/plLanguages.config". 

To make the "/etc/init.d/postgres-6.2 start" script execute without the warnings I had to make few changes in our environment: 
1. Installed Pearl5.1, Python 3.3 and Tcl on the host 
2. I updated the "/ca/wilyadm/database/etc/sysconfig/plLanguages.config" file with the correct paths to those libraries 
3. I had to do few modifications to the /ca/wilyadm/database/etc/sysconfig/loadplLanguages.sh file to match the install locations for pearl, python and tcl (including changing some of the commands in the script (see tcl function) 

INFO --) Required Perl version 5.20 found at /opt/rh/rh-perl520/root/usr ... 
INFO --) Required Python version 3.3 found at /opt/rh/python33/root/usr ... 
INFO --) Required Tcl version 8.5 found at /usr ...