WAAE Web Server (ACE) - not active after upgrade to SP5

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Last Modified Date : 11/12/2018
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After upgrading to 11.3.6 SP5, the WAAE Web Server(ACE) is showing not active. We are getting the following error in the wrapper.log file:

ERROR  | wrapper  | 2016/11/11 12:46:08 | License Error:ERROR  | wrapper  | 2016/11/11 12:46:08 | The License Key does not authorize the use of this version of the Wrapper.ERROR  | wrapper  | 2016/11/11 12:46:08 | Upgrade term is 2008-12-16 to 2012-12-16.  This version's release date is 2016-03-11.

How do we fix this license error to get the WAAE Web Server(ACE) active?



The problem is due to missing dates for the license key in the Tomcat-wrapper-license.conf  file in the following directory:



To resolve this do the following steps:

1. copy the entire content of the Tomcat-wrapper-license.conf file from the following location


2. Paste the copied content into the Tomcat-wrapper-license.conf file in the following location 


3. Both files should look the same with following content below:




wrapper.license.licensee=CA, Inc.

wrapper.license.group=Tanuki Users

wrapper.license.dev_application=Workload AE

wrapper.license.features=pro, 64bit







4) Start the services


Additional Information:
NOTE: The dates listed in the example above were current as of the time this article was written. As newer versions are released, the dates should change. The main point is to make sure the contents of the Tomcat-wrapper-license.conf under $AUTOUSER/webserver/conf matches the contents of the same file in /opt/CA/WorkloadAutomationAE/webserver/conf.