WAAE Install Fails With Permission Error for "checkProfile.sh"

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Last Modified Date : 09/04/2018
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The installation of WAAE fails with the error below...

./wa_setup.sh: line 484: /tmp/.checkProfile.sh: Permission denied
A non-zero return code was returned from sourcing /etc/profile.
Please fix the error in /etc/profile and then run the install again.
WAAE 11.3.x
WAAE 11.3.5
WAAE 11.3.6.x
The WAAE installer will extract temporary files to the directory specified by the $TMPDIR variable. If the variable is not set, the installer will extract the temporary files to /tmp by default. Some of the temporary files are shell scripts that the install will execute to perform certain tasks. If /tmp or the directory to which the $TMPDIR variable is pointing are mounted in NOEXEC mode, the installer will fail with a permission error when it tries to execute one of these temporary shell scripts.
Prior to executing the "wa_setup.sh" install script, ensure that the directory to which $TMPDIR is set, or /tmp, are not mounted in NOEXEC mode.

Use 'mount |grep $TMPDIR' or 'mount |grep /tmp to check the exec status of the temporary directory that will be used.