VTF file is overwritten by previous opening flow with read-only attribute on AgileDesigner

Document ID : KB000008356
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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If you change file attribute of VTF to read-only and open the flow, right after edited flow cannot be saved properly. The edited VTF file will be overwritten by existed read-only flow.


Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create a flow and save as a file. In this case, the flow is "Flow A".
  2. Close the flow.
  3. Change file attribute of VTF to read-only.
  4. Open the VTF file again.
  5. Create another new flow and save. In this case, the flow is "Flow B".
  6. However, timestamp and attribute of "Flow B" VTF file are same as Flow A.
  7.  Close and reopen "Flow B" VTF file, and then "Flow B" is overwritten by "Flow A".


This problem was reported on Agile Requirements Designer 2.5.

This behavior is product defect.


This problem was fixed on Agile Requirements Designer 2.6.

If you face this problem, please upgrade latest release.