VS Scriptable DPH Response Filter does not work

Document ID : KB000095019
Last Modified Date : 08/05/2018
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The Scriptable Data Protocol Filter for the listener step configured to process responses does not log anything.
The logging statements were added to debug why there was no processing of the response.

Two Scriptable Data Protocol Filters were created for the listener step.
One to process requests and one to process responses.
The beanshell code for the request DPH works as expected and creates an entry in the vse.log when running the VS.
The following beanshell code was used to debug:
_logger.info("listener step, process requests");

Similar beanshell code for the response DPH coes not create anything in the vse.log:
_logger.info("listener step, process responses");
The scriptable data protocol filter for responses should be run as part of the 'Virtual HTTPS Responder' step, not the listener step.
Configure the DPH with Filter in: lisa.vse.response
Beanshell code similar to: 
_logger.info("responder step, process responses");

will then show the "responder step, process responses" example message in the vse.log 
As the lisa.vse.response is not available in the other steps (like the listener), no messages will be logged in that case.