VPN-Manager cumulative patch PTF_188

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Last Modified Date : 13/07/2018
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VPN-Manager discovery appears to create VPN-related modeling - but customer sees incorrect modeling (missing VPN models, having some VPN-discovery runs with "initial VPN"s - or inaccurate VPN-sites (missing some). In addition some "VPN"-related subviews in a DSS install appears to be incorrect - which is related to have in a big DSS install an "empty" MLS-SpectroSERVER while the devices are on member-servers. 
CA Spectrum R10.1.* and R10.2.* in DSS install while having devices modeled on non_MLS_SpectroSERVER
This is seen for Linux and Windows based CA Spectrum install.
VPN-discovery runs in background and did not provide any discovery processing information. Due to additional logic (filtering for VRF-names/VPN-names or excluding IF-Types) the resulting modeling could become inaccurate (for customers point of view). Adding the discovery logging capablity will help to understand why VPN-discovery modeling is with this result.

CA Spectrum DSS/Distributed SpectroSERVER install - is using for VPN-modeling a modeling which covers parts/models on MLS SpectroSERVER only, and other models (like the VPN-site models) on the SpectroSERVERs which are managing the devices. So using big DSS install with no device monitoring at MLS then causes problem in the OC-Console VPN-related Subviews (for showing VPNs, RouteTargets, VPNsite associations).

PTF_188 for CA Spectrum R10.1.1

New cumulative patch covers detailed VPN-discovery output(logging) which allows VPN-discovery modeling control (like the AutoDiscovery debug output). Here most important: What device is found to cover VPN-related MIB-data, what is found at the device (VRF-/VPN-modeling) - and which RouteTarget declaration. Then which potential site-info is found - and for which then the discovery logic will " exclude / ignore " - and for which the info is honored - and finally how the VPN-site-model name (+modelhandle) is created.

Having this output of VPN-model_name&MH, RouteTarget&MH and VPN-site_name&MH will allow full VPN-discovery control.

Additionally the VPN-discovery logging creates appropriate output in regards to a VPN-discovery rerun - to then see which VPN-related models are destroyed, newly_created or updated/confirmed (when already exist).

Finally the DSS modeling view logic is corrected so a DSS-Spectrum install is showing correct VPNs, VPN-site and Route-Target associations in the VPN-related subviews under OC-Console.