Voucher Transaction with no Resource Role Code causes the Detailed Cost Plan to show a row with a blank Resource Role Code

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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When a Voucher Transaction Entry is created and the Resource Role Code is not specified on the transaction, I would expect the application to pick the Resource Role Code from the Assignment, Project or the Resource's Primary Role. Why is the Resource Role value not automatically picked up?

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Create a project - My Project
  2. Create a Labor resource - Resource1 > DO NOT add a Primary Role to this resource
  3. Add Resource1 as a Staff Member, no project role code specified
  4. Assign Resource1 to a task
  5. Now add a primary role to Resource1 - such as 'Project Manager'
  6. Configure Resource1 to have active financial properties
  7. Configure the project to have active financial properties with a rate matrix (that does not have the 'Resource Role' column configured)
  8. Create a Voucher 'Other' Transaction Entry for Resource1

    Project = My Project
    Resource = Resource1
    Role = NULL (do not enter any value)
    Complete the values for all other required fields

  9. Post the voucher transaction to WIP
  10. Go to 'My Project' > Financial Plans > Cost Plan > Click 'New from Resource Plan' button
    Select the 'Group By' for Roles , complete all other required values
  11. From the Cost Plan Details page, select 'Configure' from the [--Actions--] pull-down menu
  12. On the Fields list, select the [virtual] TSV attribute 'Unit, Cost and Revenue Details'
  13. Add the 'Cost for Actuals', 'Units for Actuals', 'Revenue for Actuals' attributes and save

After posting a voucher transaction that does not have the Role specified, the cost plan shows the 'actuals' on a line item that is blank for the Role column. Why don't I see the 'actuals' appear in the row for 'Project Manager'?

Figure 1


This is the intended behavior. The application does not automatically apply any logic to Voucher Transaction Entries or XOG Transaction Entries. Only on Timesheet Entries, will the application apply logic to retrieve the Project Role associated with the resource or, if a Project Role does not exist, it will use the Resource's Primary Role. The reason that no logic is applied for this field to incoming Voucher Transactions or XOG Transactions is that this allows the user the flexibility to enter no value for the Resource Role or enter a specific value. When a voucher or XOG transaction is created, if the rate and cost fields are left empty, the application will try to find a matching row from the associated matrix and if that matrix does not use the 'Resource Role' as an attribute for determining the rate, the rates will be calculated as expected, but still no 'Resource Role' value will get automatically populated in the transaction

Detailed Financial Planning will report ALL actual totals. Therefore, individual financial transactions that do not have a value specified for the 'Group By' attribute, such as the Resource Role Code, will appear on the plan with no value (blank, empty cell). This is an indication to the Financial user that the data was not entered on the transaction.