VOLLIE CMS Interface not working correctly

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Last Modified Date : 28/09/2018
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After running OXVMIGEN EXEC and checking OLLEX EXEC had OLLEXA specified in CMS I executed OLLEX.
I immediately got a VM Logon screen. Never received a VOLLIE log on screen. After hitting ENTER and then logoff I then get message CAVC011I Connection ended and a READY prompt.

The VMI command from the VSE side seems to work correctly. I did not receive any error messages from OXVMIGEN.

Using VOLLIE CMS Interface.
The interface is working correctly. 
From the VM LOGO screen you need to DIAL into VSE, sign on to CICS and then use VOLLIE. 

How the VOLLIE CMS interface works:
The OLLEXA MODULE uses the VM LDSF facility to create a new logical terminal. This will present you with the VM LOGO from which you can access CICS and then VOLLIE. When signed on to VOLLIE you can issue CMS commands such as FILEL.
Once you are on VOLLIE, from the VOLLIE command you can issue CMS commands like:  


The "Session not started" message you are getting would indicate that the following option: 

Allow Use of VMI Command : N 

is set to N(o).
To change this enter the SYSTEM command then select 
1. CA-VOLLIE Customization 
1. CA-VOLLIE Facilities 

Overwrite 'N' with 'Y' for Allow Use of VMI Command 
Enter 'S' to save and press enter. 

You are correct that you could just TCP/IP to VSE directly. The CMS interface was designed in the days when we just had one dedicated and real 3270 screen with no session manager. It enabled users to toggle between VSE and CMS.
It's usefulness may be limited these days. 

Additional Information:
 The CMS Interface (CMSI) is an extension to VOLLIE that operates in the VM/CMS environment. 
CMSI lets you use VOLLIE from VM/CMS by establishing a communications path to a VOLLIE running under VSE.