VMWARE VCENTER SERVER PROXY LOST alarm exists on my vCenter model but none of the ESX Hosts on this SPECTRUM server is disconnected (Legacy KB ID CNC TS31153 )

Document ID : KB000052014
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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If this scenario exists, then we need to manually clear the alarm. To do this, first using the Attributes Tab, or CLI, identify the model handle of the vCenter server.  Then run the following CLI command:

create event type=0x56e1001 text="" mh=<vCenter_mh>

Event 0x56e1001 should be created on the vCenter model and the lingering Proxy lost alarm will be cleared.


This issue is addressed in Spectrum 9.1.1. When a vCenter is in a VM, and the VM becomes "unmanaged" by VHM, we will issue the same clear event on it as we do on normal VMs.


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VMWARE VCENTER SERVER PROXY LOST alarm exists on my vCenter model even though there are no disconnected ESX Hosts on this SPECTRUM server

Problem Environment:
Virtual Host Manager (VHM)

Causes of this problem:

It is possible to get into this scenario if a vCenter server is hosted on a virtual machine, which is running on an ESX Host that is managed by the save vCenter Server.

If your environment has a "vCenter on a VM" scenario as described above, and the vCenter server looses contact with the Service Console of the ESX Host (ie shows as "Disconnected" in the VI Client) then SPECTRUM will issue the above "VMWARE VCENTER SERVER PROXY LOST" alarm on the ESX Host and all VM?s running on that ESX Host.

If, while the ESX Host is disconnect, the user then subsequently removes it from management (Right clicks and "removes" the host through the VI client) then the orange alarm will linger in SPECTRUM.

(Legacy KB ID CNC TS31153 )