VMWare Probe - Long GUI Load after configuration changes

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Last Modified Date : 18/10/2018
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A customer reported that GUI-Load of the VMWare probe after changing configuration can take up to 10 minutes. They use the probe to monitor their VDI and server virtualization environment. Here are a few facts:

- Up to 57 ESX-Hosts
- 28 ESX-Hosts are used for their VDI-Environment with around 50 virtual machines running on each host
- Other ESX-Hosts are used for server virtualization

 Customer is running the latest VMWare Probe: 7.11 

We have seen similar long GUI-Load with prior probe version at different customer sites. We can imagine GUI-Load taking longer the bigger the monitored environment is. However in this case we think that is too long. 
The vmware probe is working as expected, The delay in GUI loading is due to threads running for data collection of 5 resources. From the log you can see at 7:06 the Scheduler schedules the 5 resources at 120 sec split based on the 600 sec interval. Sep 27 07:06:03:576 [main, vmware] SCHEDULER: using scheduler_maximum_spread_delay_in_seconds = 180 Sep 27 07:06:03:576 [main, vmware] SCHEDULER: 5 resources with interval of 600 using spread of 120.00 seconds Therefore for 5 resources, it will take (resources -1)*spread_delay i.e, 4*120 = 480 seconds = 8 minutes when there is a configuration change from the VMware GUI end. From the log you can see that, GUI resumes at 7:14 i.e, 8 minutes past 7:06. Similarly based on the intervals and number of resources, delay is calculated for scheduling. This mechanism works as designed to handle multiple threads for data collection of multiple resources