VMware objects are not discovered in CA Nimsoft/CA Spectrum 9.4.1 when using the VMware integration

Document ID : KB000028702
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Issue:  After enabling the VMware management solution for the CA Nimsoft/CA Spectrum 9.4.1 release, CA Spectrum obtains the list of VCenters by querying nisapi. This query is not returning any Vcenters as the primary role the Vcenters
were configured as Virtual Machine

Cause:  The problem was caused when the host was populated by HyperV first and then polled Vcenter thus resulting in the incorrect relationship in the CA Nimsoft database.  To resolve this you need to delete the device from the CA Nimsoft database  and then let VMware probe poll it so relationships are populated correctly. Here is how to do it.


1.       Deactivate your hyper-v probe.


2.       Suppose your Nimsoft DB name is "NimsoftSLM", run the following queries and be sure to replace the "NimsoftSLM" with your db name and the "vcenter01" example with your vcenter server name:


SELECT *  FROM [NimsoftSLM].[dbo].[CM_COMPUTER_SYSTEM] WHERE name LIKE '%testqa-vc%'




The output will return a row with your vcenter server


3.       Get the cs_id for your vCenter machine i.e., vcenter01


4.       Suppose cs_id is "143", run the following queries, replacing the "143" with your cs_id:




The output will be similar to the following:


(0 row(s) affected)


(0 row(s) affected)


(0 row(s) affected)


(0 row(s) affected)


(1 row(s) affected)


(1 row(s) affected)


(1 row(s) affected)


5.       Verify the same in CM_COMPUTER_SYSTEM_ATTR table, by running the following query (again, replace the cs_id with the value you received from your database):




The output should not return any rows.




6.       Make sure after this that the VMware probe polls vcenter aleast once (you may restart the probe and wait for a poll to happen)


SELECT * FROM [NimsoftSLM].[dbo].[CM_COMPUTER_SYSTEM] WHERE dedicated like '%testqa-vc%'


Output should list your vcenter server name.




7.       Then activate your hyper-v probe


The models will be properly discovered during the next synchronization cycle configured on the Nimsoft Manager model in Spectrum.

Note: Starting in Nimsoft 8.0 the default database name is now CA_UIM