VMTDLMSC erased when applying maintenance to the VM Product Manager

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Last Modified Date : 26/10/2018
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VMTDLMUT MODULE and customized VMTDLMSC EXEC were on VMANAGER admin disk 195. After installing RS1611 plus latest PTFs and running VMDEPLOY VMANAGER PRIMARY, the VMTDLM* files were missing.
The VMTDLMUT MODULE is deployed to the VM:Tape ADMIN TAG. 
The VMTDLMSC EXEC is provided as a sample EXEC. It is installed to the SAMPZ disk as VMTDLMSC XEXEC. The SAMPZ disk is really only defined in the product code ID (ZVMT020A). 

Likely what happened was/is that you have 
Check to verify. 

In general, VMDEPLOY deploys specifically to the target TAG exactly the files that the BUILDLIST associated with that TAG for the products indicates should be on that disk target and ERASES anything that is not in the BUILDLIST. This is by design to manage upgrades, etc... to remove old or obsolete code from the target disk. which is why the VMTAPE files got removed.. 

The exceptions are the VMANAGER PUBLIC and VMANAGER HELP, that we by default for all products redirect to these targets … for these two targets, we do not erase any files. 


Additional Information:
It's also possible you copied the VMTDLMxx files to the VMANAGER (ADMIN) 195 disk. 
The VMANAGER ADMIN disk is intended to have the VMANAGER code on it only. 

So, the customized piece (VMTDMLSC EXEC) should be like any other “user exit” where it is placed on a “local” disk like the server or executing user’s 191 disk. 

The VMTDLMUT MODULE that is non-modifiable should always be accessed from the disk VMDEPLOY deploys it to so you are sure you are running the most current deployed (possibly serviced) copy of the module.