VMTAPE cancelling mount but not detaching drive

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Last Modified Date : 30/10/2018
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We are currently implementing a VTS Grid setup and during the testing we have encountered a problem with VMTAPE cancelling a mount but not detaching the drive.

We have 2 VTS in a grid We mount a tape on VTS1 and all is okay. We then detach the tape and mount on OLDVTS1 and all is okay. As ownership is transferred across the Grid 2, we  disable the Grid and perform the same test.

However, the 2nd Mount to OLDVTS1 is cancelled by VMTAPE as it gets an error from RMS :

VMTRMS998I1 CSL Call Info: Returncode= 8 Reasoncode= 0
VMTRMS998I2 RMS Cmd Reply: Returncode= 8 Reasoncode= 3804
VMTRMS0931E RMS error: Request=FSMRMMNT RC= 8 Reason=3804.
VMTMNT0051T Mount Q00000 0181 canceled by VMTAPE on drive UNK.

And, the tape drive remains attached to VMTAPE
We have 2 VTS in a grid.
Apply VM:Tape PTF SO05977.

After the PTF is applied, when VMTAPE cancels a MOUNT request due to ReasonCode=3804 being received, the tape drive VMTAPE selected for the MOUNT request should be correctly detached from the VMTAPE server as part of the CANCEL processing. 
Additional Information:
Also verify you have VM:Tape PTF  SO04029 applied as several CANCEL behavior problems with RMS mounts has been corrected in this solution.