VMHSYS500E Link to user 191 for job JOB1234(1234); worker 'VMBATxxx' failed, RC=3.

Document ID : KB000030730
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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When VM:Batch runs a job, the default behavior is to link the submitting user's A-disk (either a 191 disk or an SFS directory) at virtual address 194 and access it as filemode B/A.  If the job was submitted by a service machine or some other user that does not have an A-disk, then the job will end with a VMHSYS500E message.  If your batch job does not need access to any files on the A-disk, you can specify job option USERMODE NO on your SUBMIT command. 


The USERMODE job option is discussed in the CA VM:Batch User's and Group Manager's Guide in Chapter 10: Command Reference.   NO prevents the batch worker from accessing the user's files.