vmax probe commands used to monitor vmax

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Below are all the commands used by vmax probe to fetch vmax data.

symcfg list -pools -v -out xml
symdev list -v -out xml
symdisk list -hypers -v -sid {name} -out xml
symaccess list view -detail -out xml -sid {name}
symcfg -sid {name} list -datadev -nonpooled -v -out xml
symcfg list -sid {name} -pool -thin -gb -detail -out xml
symstat -i {interval} -c {samples} -dir ALL -out xml -sid {name}
symstat -type REQUEST -i {interval} -c {samples} -out xml -sid {name}
symevent list -sid {name} -start {lastTime} -v -out xml
symstat -type BACKEND -i {interval} -c {samples} -out xml -sid {name}
symstat -type REQUESTS -sid {name} -dir ALL -i {interval} -c {samples} -out xml
symstat -type DISK -i {interval} -c {samples} -out xml -sid {name}
symstat -type MEMIO -sid {name} -i {interval} -c {samples} -out xml