Servicing the VM Product Manager (VMANAGER)

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Last Modified Date : 19/10/2018
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I am trying to upgrade and apply maintenance to VM:Manager for my /vm 6.3 to 6.4 upgrade. I have actually performed the upgrade for z/VM.

I am trying to upload and install DVD06124713E.SERVLKPK which should bring VManager current and then add RS1611 (RO92416).

After uploading DVD06124713E.SERVLKPK and renaming it ZVMN012A SERVLKPK to a mdisk defined as C, I am having trouble unpacking and formatting ZVMN012A SERVLINK C.

I enter the PIPE < ZVMN012A SERVLKPK * | FBLOCK 1024 | UNPACK | > ZVMN012A SERVLINK A command but the fblock 1024 does not seem to work. I then copy the file and make the format correct: COPY ZVMN012A SERVLINK A (rep rec f lr 1024.

From the Servicing Your Product book, step 1 I Setup the installed product materials :

it fails on step 1.2 receive documentation : VMFREC INFO ( ENV ZVMN012A

Upgrading to z/VM 6.4 and need to apply maintenance/service the product, the VM Product Manager (VMANAGER).
Trying to perform an install when should be applying service instead.
Since you already have VMANAGER r1.2 installed, all you have to do is apply the service. 

To apply RS1611, that is available in PTF RO92416, simply download the PTF, and from VMANAGER, execute the RO92416 EXEC to create the RO92416 SERVLINK file to be used as input to the VMSES service process described in the product documentation Install Guide. 

Please note: 

1) Transfer the fix portion of this PTF to your VM System as an ASCII transfer: 

* If you are using FTP, specify ASCII prior to starting the file transfer. 

* If you are using a terminal emulator that invokes IND$FILE, specify or select the ASCII, 
and CR/LF options. 

2) Transfer or rename the file with the name RO92416 EXEC. 

3) On VMANAGER, execute the RO92416 EXEC to create the RO92416 SERVLINK file to be used as input to the VMSES service process described in the product documentation Install Guide 

Here's a quick review of the commands you will issue: 

VMFSETUP ppfname component ( LINK 

VMFREC INFO ( ENV envfilename 

VMFREC PPF ppfname component ( ENV envfilename 

VMFAPPLY PPF ppfname component 

VMFBLD PPF ppfname component ( STATUS 

VMFBLD PPF ppfname component ( SERVICED 


Additional Information:
See “Servicing your Product” instructions documented
in the VM Product Manager Install guide that you can
access at: