VLSUTIL Backup RECFM=VB and is no longer RECFM=U starting with CA IPC Version 14.0

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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From the CA Ideal for CA Datacom Release Notes Version 14.0:


RECFM Backup Record Format Requirement

The backup record format for VLS has been RECFM=U and sequential backup files of the message library (ADRLIB) and product panel library (ADRPNL) are part of the installation required by DataDictionary and CA Ideal.

Because SMP/E does not support RECFM=U and to comply with Mainframe 2.0 requirements, VLS backup files must use RECFM=V or F format. For compatibility, VLSUTIL now reads both RECFM=U and RECFM=V formats, although it will write only RECFM=V.

The enhanced BACKUP function uses RECFM=V, and the RESTORE function allows both the old RECFM=U and new RECFM=V so that old backups can be restored.


The above VLSUTIL utility VLS backup enhancement was implemented in CA IPC version 14.0. The RECFM for a VLS backup is now default RECFM=VB and cannot be overridden by JCL specified DCB.

The CA Ideal 14.0 INSTJCL member ILCUS03 still specifies RECFM=U. However, understand that when CA IPC Version 14.0 is in use, the resulting backup will be VB as the JCL RECFM is ignored by VLSUTIL. Version 14.0 ILCUS03 has:


The CA Ideal 15.0 INSTJCL member ILCUS03 is updated and does not specify any RECFM. Version 15.0 ILCUS03 has: