VISION:Report Date conversion and calculation feature

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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QUIKDATE performs various date calculations and conversions.
This routine allows the year 2000 to follow the year 1999 by using a four-character length year field.
It converts dates from one format to another (two-character year to four-character year),
and adjusts a date forward or backward.

Please refer to the QUIKDATE section of Chapter 6 of the VISION:Report 16.1 Reference Guide for more information,
examples and the specific syntax for each function:

Function 00 - Call QUIKDATE from a COBOL program
Function 01 - Convert Julian date to Calendar date
Function 02 - Convert Calendar date to Julian date
Function 03 - Compute number of days between two dates
Function 04 - Convert a date to a day of the week
Function 05 - Compute month ending date for a given date
Function 06 - Compute number of days left in a calendar month
Function 07 - Compute week ending date for a given date
Function 08 - Adjust a date up or down
Function 09 - Compute a two-digit month code to alphabetic month
Function 10 - Compute number of work days between two dates
Function 11 - Checks for holiday and time off
Function 12 - Load another date table
Function 13 - Provide date of the first working date of the month