Virtual Tape System Install with CBR Exits for R14.0

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Last Modified Date : 19/03/2019
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I have a question about implementing a DLM 2100 Virtual Tape System (VTS) and CA 1. Do we need to install or implement anything in order to use a VTS with CA 1?


Yes you will need to set up the exits below on CA 1 in order to use the VTS (robot). 

You will use members CTSJUCBN and CTSJUCBR, or separately CTSJUCBX which will set up the three exits (CBRUXENT, CBRUXVNL, and CBRUXEJC) you will need in order to use the VTS (robot). 

CTSJUCBN and CTSJUCBR work together and you will run each member one after the other. CTSJUCBN changes the source for the CTSUXxxx exits and saves it into the CA1 loadlib. The CTSJUCBR pulls in the CTSUXxxx source and assembles and links it as CBRUXxxx into SYS1.LINKLIB also causing the IBM version of the exits to be renamed to OLDUXxxx.

Your other option is to use CTSJUCBX by itself which is applied directly into the IBM zone.

For further detail on the CBRUXxxx exits, please review the Administrating Guide in section "Automated Tape Libraries and Virtual Tape Support". 

Additional Information:


If you have alphanumeric volsers you need to code your own assembler exits for TMSXITE and TMSXITU or do a TMSXTEND prior to doing an upgrade to r14.0. The TMMVOLDF macro is no longer supported.