Virtual Memory Utilization % reported as a negative number

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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For systems that eHealth polls which run the Compaq Insight Manager SNMP agent, the following OIDs are polled for virtual memory:


The problem is that cpqHoPagingMemorySize (total virtual memory) reports a smaller value than cpqHoPagingMemoryFree (free virtual memory). When this occurs, the reports for the same display negative values for virtual memory utilization.
This is a Compaq mib bug.

Problem Ticket: PRD00048910


To work around the Compaq agent bug, a new environment variable has been created starting in eHealth 6.2.2:


*Currently, this variable has only one valid value which is '4'. Additional functionality/values will be added in eHealth 6.3.

By setting this variable, any Compaq SNMP agents when discovered will be associated in eHealth with agent types/MTF files which poll the Host Resources mib objects instead of the Compaq mib objects.

This environment variable has not been added to Discover Policy parameters. In order to use it, it must be set as a global environment variable.

On Unix:

  1. Edit the $NH_HOME/ file and add the entry:

  2. Stop the eHealth server processes: nhServer stop
  3. Start the eHealth server processes: nhServer start

On Windows:

The variable needs to be set as a new system environment variable.

  1. Go to: Control Panel->System->Advanced tab->Environment Variables->Add (system variable)
  2. Enter variable and value:
    1. variable name = NH_DISCOVER_SYSTEM_KIND
    2. value = 4