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Last Modified Date : 13/02/2019
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On DB2 tables there is often data stored that is not displayable on screen and can look like garbage. RC/Browse is able to display this data in HEX format so that the data can be viewed correctly.
The results when displaying the START_RBA column from SYSIBM.SYSCOPY don't show the hex value of the field. How do I display the field in HEX.
DB2 for Z/OS
RC/Browse will format the data being displayed on the panel in order to ensure no ISPF control characters are displayed as a result of the hexadecimal data.
This is done to avoid a possible problem with displaying the ISPF panel.

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The SPUFI results screen displays each result row as a single line of data, so no special formatting is required, as opposed to RC/Browse which displays the data via ISPF.

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The EXPLODE command can be used with the cursor placed at the start of the field to display it.

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The EXPLODE command brings the column data into a native ISPF edit session where the non-displayable character can be seen and

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In RC/Browse, after displaying the data, the HEX command can also be used to display all fields in hex format instead of the original display.

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After the HEX ON command has been entered the screen changes to this:

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Entering HEX OFF will change it back to normal.
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