Video: How to source the eHealth environment on a Linux host.

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How do I source the eHealth environment on a Linux host?




Commands used in this video:

nhShowRev - show version of eHealth

more - read a txt file

| - take info from one command and pass it to another command

grep - search for a value

cd - change directory

vi - edit a text file

cp - copy a file



To source the eHealth environment whenever the eHealth user logs in:


Check the default shell for your $NH_USER

     My &NH_USER user is “ehealth”


 more /etc/passwd |grep ehealth



Here we see the default shell is bash.


Here are the source files and the correct source commands (from the install guide):

Use one of the following commands to source the CA eHealth Release 6.1 resource file that is appropriate for your shell environment:

? Bourne: . /

? C: source nethealthrc.csh

? Korn: . ./nethealthrc.ksh


cd /home/ehealth

cp .bash_profile .bash_profile.original

vi .bash_profile


Add this line at the bottom

. /eHealth/

 (your path may vary)


Log out and log back in and your environment is sourced.

Link to video:


Additional Information:


eHealth installation guide