Verifying the FCT of a VLS library.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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I increased the Blocksize of my VLS source library (ID$IDSRC for example). How can I verify that the FCT (File Control Table) was changed for the source library?


z/OS z/VSE


After changing the Blocksize of any of the VLS libraries, you must also change the Recordsize of the library in the File Control Table (FCT). The Blocksize of the library and the Recordsize in the FCT must match. In this case, to verify the Blocksize of the VLS Source library, you can run a VLSUTIL LIBRARY listing against the source library. The end of the report will list the Blocksize and the Namelen. To verify the Recordsize in the File Control Table (FCT), in CICS, issue the command CEMT I FI(ID$IDSRC) and press enter. You should see:

Fil(ID$IDSRC) Bda Ope Ena Rea Upd Add Bro Exc Sha   

Place an 'S' next to Fil and press enter. Look for Recordsize. The Recordsize must match the Blocksize that was specified in the format job. If not, you will receive various errors, depending on what you are trying to do, trying to access the VLS library. The following error may be one of them: 1-ICSCERRP23E - INTERR: Internal LIB error