Values get deleted after saving a static VARA in 11.2 Automic Java UI

Document ID : KB000117204
Last Modified Date : 09/10/2018
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When editing a static VARA in the 11.2.x Automic Java UI, values can get deleted if the row above that value is completely empty. 

Initial VARA setup:
User-added image

Delete the values in row1:
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Save the object. Val2 gets deleted:
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This is a bug in the 11.2.x Java UI. 
This bug was not reported in time before the 11.2.x maintenance window, and will not be fixed in future versions of the 11.2.x Java UI.


When the VARA has the empty row, click on any cell in the row still containing values (e.g. click on key2)
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The row containing values will shift upwards, and no values are deleted when the object is saved:
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