VAIM policy state shows as "down" in VAIM when applying to a SystemEDGE host

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Last Modified Date : 26/06/2018
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When applying a Policy or Template to a SystemEDGE host using VAIM the status for all is "down".
  • VAIM uses CAM (CA-Message Queuing) to deliver policy files to SystemEDGE Hosts.
  • By default CAM will use both UDP (Port 4104) and TCP (Port 4105).
  • A state of "down" generally indicates one of two problems:
    1. SystemEDGE is stopped\not running on the host.
    2. There is an issue with CAM communication over UDP. 
1.  Make sure SystemEDGE is running.

2.  Force CAM to use only TCP (Port 4105) on the SystemEDGE host experiencing the "down" status in VAIM:


1) cd  /opt/CA/SharedComponents/ccs/cam/bin
2) ./camsave persist
3) cd /opt/CA/SharedComponents/ccs/cam
4) vi cam.cfg to make change
upd_port = 0
5) cd  /opt/CA/SharedComponents/ccs/cam/bin
6) ./camclose
Run ./camclose until you see the following
camclose: select failed (15) Unable to connect to CAM server
7) start sysedge (./sysedgectl start)


1. camsave persist
2. find cam.cfg file in %CAI_MSQ% and make edit.
udp_port = 0
3. cam change disabled & cam stop
4. cam change auto & cam start -c
5. start sysedge
Additional Information:
  • The changes outline in this document are recommended for SystemEDGE endpoints only.
  • Do NOT disable CAM on CA VAIM Domain or CA VAIM Distribution servers.