Utilizing RFC2790 Process down alarms do not clear when the process comes back up in CA Spectrum

Document ID : KB000014149
Last Modified Date : 21/03/2019
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There are multiple ways to configure alarming for process monitoring in Spectrum.  When using the RFC2790app monitoring, depending on the options you select will depend on alarm clearing functionality.


When configuring Spectrum to monitor a process and the process goes down, an alarm is generated.  How can Spectrum be configured to automatically clear the alarm when the process comes back up?


When configuring the process monitoring in the RFC2790, there are two options:


1.  Alarm when "Process Count is less than X"

2.  Alarm on "Process Stop"

If you want the alarm to automatically clear when the process comes back up you need to utilize ONLY the Alarm when "Process Count is less than X" option.  If you have both the Alarm when "Process Count is less than X" and the Alarm on "Process Stop" the alarm will still not clear.  The Alarm On "Process Stop" functionality was designed so that a user would need to clear the alarm (and keep in mind once a user clears the alarm it will not regenerate UNTIL after the issue has been resolved and there is a problem again).  If you want the alarms to automatically clear then make sure you deselect the option for "Process Stop" in the process monitor window.