usm_sp_archive_data does NOT archive any data

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Last Modified Date : 31/07/2018
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when we performed archiving catalog requests , we didn't see the requests being archived .  As we checked usm_request table quickly , we didn't see the row number  decreased after  usm-sp-archive-data  stored procedure was executed succesfully 
Service Catalog 14.1 , 17.1 
When you perform the catalog usm_sp_achive_data stored sql procedure in SQL management  studio , you run the sql script like the following :
USE [mdb] 
DECLARE @return_value int 
EXEC @return_value = [dbo].[usm_sp_archive_data
@p_object_type = N'Request', 
@p_date = N'2017-12-30', 
@p_bu = N'ca' 

SELECT 'Return Value' = @return_value 

In above ,   you need to provide  the value  for  @p_object_type ,   @p_date  , @p_bu   .    The value for   for  @p_object_type and @p_bu     have to be case-sensitive  based on some SQL server's case-sensitive setting.   

For example ,  if you specify  @p_object_type = N'Request'   as  @p_object_type = N'request'   .  it will not archive any data sometimes .  
@p_object_type  needs to either Request or Audit     

@p_bu  needs to be exactly the same as your catalog's business unit value  , case-sensitive 
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