Using Transformation Map with Subset for FIXED value transformation

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Last Modified Date : 08/06/2018
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I have 2 issues that need to be looked into.  The first is an immediate need and is an error from what the documentation states.  The second is an enhancement.

1. A few fields across tables need to have a fixed value. Using 'TDM_JUNE_2018' in the Fixed Value parameter in Transformation map, the intent is to invoke this script in Subset using Scrambled Extract for SQL Server Database. But, the maskviews script generated does not contain this particular transformation for most tables (out of 300+ tables, only 14 tables had the fixed value text). My concern is that if I hardcode the fixed value replacement, will there be a trickle down effect in the scrambled extract that may not be visible. Other transformations present in the transformation map work fine (HASHLOV).  I need a fix for this please.

2. For one particular field, I need to define a WHEN/THEN transformation as below.
WHEN (tt.strt_Referenced_Table='node')
THEN (tn.node_pk)
ELSE (tcpc.cpc_pk)
END [strt_Mixed_fk,

I have a workaround for now.  By manually updating the autogenerated maskviews file with the above and other necessary changes, it performs as expected.  Ideally this transformation needs to be done by the code itself as with a WHEN/THEN logic in Transformation map itself.  Next, subset needs to resolve the required table names from Transformation Map.
TDM 4.5
The first issue has been resolved in  Thiis patch will put quotes now, if they don't exist, for non numeric columns. Please contact CA Support for this version of SUBSET or later.  If you are installing a GA Version after June 8, 2018, please contact Support to verify that the fix made it into that version.

For your second question that is an enhancement, this has been turned into an Enhancement - US506435. This will be put into the Development Process.  Please contact CA Support if this User Story  US506435 has been implemented in the latest GA after July 2, 2018.
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