Using the REPORT command in RC/QUERY

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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When typing REPORT in RC/Query the following message is displayed:

RQ118I: No customized report formats found for BAMBI02

Why is this message displayed?


First, make sure the RC/Query profile variable SAVED REPORTS is set to Y. This can be accessed from the RC/Query main menu by typing PROF or PROFILE at the command line. Then select 2 RC/QUERY Profile Variables The screen will display all the RC/Query profile options. Check the SAVED REPORTS variable, make sure it is set to Y.

RQPROF1        ---------- RC/QUERY Profile Variables --------- 2010/03/03 14:32 
 COMMAND ===>                                                                  
 PRINT PARAMETERS:     (For Printing Query Report being viewed)                 
   PRINT SQL PAGE      ==> Y   (Y/N; SQL Page N/A if Printline Size < 41)       
 PROCESSING OPTIONS:   (For Query Reports)                                      
   VIEW LEVELS         ==> ALL          - For Object Dependency Report.         
   QUALIFIERS          ==> Y    (Y/N)   - For Obj. Dep. and some Ver. 2.1 cols. 
   MAX LINES           ==> ALL          - For List and Detail reports.          
   FULL DETAIL         ==> Y    (Y/N)   - For reports based on multiple tables. 
   OMIT ORDER BY       ==> N    (Y/N)   - For List and Detail reports.          
   CA-UTILITIES        ==> N    (Y/N)   - To use CA-Utilities.                  
   SAVED REPORTS       ==> Y    (Y/N)   - To use customized reports.            
   MATCHCASE           ==> CAPS (ON,    - Enables matchcase.                    
                                 OFF,   - Disables matchcase. ( SQL Intensive ) 
                                 CAPS)  - Force object names to upper case.     
   CAPNATS             ==> N    (Y/N)   - Capitalize National Characters.       
   ALL LOCATIONS       ==> Y    (Y/N)   - For searches in Plan/Package Report.  
   UNDERSCORE WILDCARD ==> OFF  (ON/OFF)- To process underscore as wildcard.     
 NOTE: Y  Yes, display the customized report.            
 N  No, display the RC/Query standard report.  

Second, make sure that if this is the first time a customized report is created, that the SAVE command is issued. This will save the customized report that can be accessed for edit later. The following message will be displayed if the report was successfully saved:
RQ111I: Customized report format has been saved for BAMBI02

After this has been done, now the RE or REPORT command can be issued to display the list of customized reports that have been created.

NOTE: Only LIST reports can be customized and saved!