Using the Operator logon console as an attached console.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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There are a number of reasons why a customer might want to use the operator's logon console as an attached console with VM:Operator. One is that when the operator is flooded with messages, CP starts displaying them on the logon console which preempts the VM:Operator console display. Another is a question of security. When VM:Operator is in control it keeps the operator from issuing certain commands like SHUTDOWN. But if the operator terminates VM:Operator, he/she then has access to the OPERATOR userid and can do anything it is authorized to do.

The OPERATOR logon console can be used as an attached console. For this to work, the VMOPER CONFIG file must be modified to start the MAINOPER console on a device which is attached by the following logic which should be added to the PROFILE EXEC. This sample is for device number 1234.

/* Determine if logon console can be attached. It must be a GRAF     
 * device. This procedure will not work with LDEV or SYSG consoles.                                                          
'PIPE CP QUERY CONSOLE | STEM QUERY.'                                
parse var query.1 . . . graf devno .                                 
if graf = 'GRAF' then do                                             
   /* DISABLE it, DISCONNECT it, and ATTACH it as 1234               
   'CP DISCONNECT'                                                   
   'CP DISABLE' devno                                                
   'CP SLEEP 1 SEC'  /* Give DISABLE a chance to complete */         
   'CP ATTACH' devno '* 1234'                                        
   /* Invoke PROFRUN to start VM:Operator with NOLOG parameter       
    * which prevents a logoff after VM:Operator terminates.          
   'EXEC PROFRUN NOLOG'                                              
   /* Detach it and re-enable it after ending VM:Operator           
   'CP DETACH 1234'                                                  
   'CP ENABLE' devno                                                 
   'CP LOGOFF'                                                       
else 'EXEC PROFRUN'                                                  
exit rc